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Reproduction National Nickel Silver Fingerpicks.


Made from the same alloy used to make the sought after Prewar Nickel Silver fingerpicks prior to the USA or Serial Number 1787136 fingerpicks. Originals of these fingerpicks have sold upwards of $400 on E-bay in the past. Get them while you can as I'm not going to make thousands of these. 

These fingerpicks are as good as you're going to get without emptying your pocketbook out.


All picks are pre-bent and ready for your final fitting.


Price:  $$$$$  per pair.   Call or Write for Availability "Sold in Pairs Only"  



Stainless Steel Fingerpicks


Our own chosen Stainless Alloy that uses the same mold as the Pre War Nickel Silver Replica's we make.


These are the best sounding Stainless Fingerpicks I ever used. A little extra Pop & Clarity IMO 


All picks are pre-bent and ready for your final fitting. 


Price:   $$$$$  per Pair   Call or Write for Availability 

 "Sold in Pairs Only"



Pot Metal One Piece Flange


Gibson Style Flanges

"Made in the USA"


Have a few un-plated in stock. Call me if you're interested

Long Time Coming :-)



Brass Resonator Hardware Set


Set Includes:


4 Resonator Angles

4 Resonator Sidewall Brackets

4 Thumbscrews


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating


Un-plated              Price:     $38.99                  Limited Supply In Stock

Nickle Plated         Price:     $49.95                  Limited Supply In Stock

Gold Plated           Price:     $ Call                                    Call


Steel Coodernator Rod set:


Long & Short Steel Rods

3 Nuts

2 Small Washers

2 Large Washers

2 Lag Bolts

1 Tailpiece Bracket


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating


Unplated                Price:     $38.99                 In Stock

Nickle Plated         Price:     $$$$$$                  "Call"

Gold Plated           Price:     $$$$$$                  "Call"





Brass Resonator "L" Bracket Angles








Unplated                    Price:   $3.25 Each                Limited Supply in Stock

Nickle Plated             Price:   $4,50 Each                Limited Supply in Stock




Brass Resonator Sidewall Brackets






Unplated               Price:     $3.25 Each               Limited Supply in Stock 

Nickle Plated        Price:     $4.50 Each               Limited Supply in Stock


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating






Brass Resonator Thumbscrews






Unplated                 Price:    $3.75 Each                Limited Supply in Stock

Nickle Plated          Price:    $4.75 Each                Limited Supply in Stock


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating





Steel Coordinator Rods


Sold in Pairs Only




Unplated                     Price:     $26.50 Per Pair                       In Stock

Nickle Plated              Price:     $$$$$$ Per Pair                         "Call"

Gold Plated                Price:     $$$$$$ Per Pair                         "Call"


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating



Brass Coordinator Rod Nuts


7 /16" Hex





Unplated                         Price:      $1.95 Each                     In Stock

Nickle Plated                  Price:      $3.75 Each                     In Stock


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating



Brass Coodinator Rod Washers


Large & Small


With Beveled Edges





Unplated                           Price:     $1.45   Each                       In Stock

Nickle Plated                    Price:     $2.25   Each                       In Stock


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating



Brass Tailpiece Bracket







 Unplated                            Price:     $3.50 Each                     In Stock

Nickle Plated                      Price:     $4.50 Each                     In Stock


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating



Brass Gibson Style Hooks


Made to replace the Hooks on your late 20's Granada


These hooks are not bent. They are cast in place.


8/26 Threads will match your Prewar instrument nuts.




Unplated              Price:   "Call"                       Out of Stock



Steel Round Hooks with 8/26 Thread



We also have Non Threaded Hooks Available




Unplated Threaded                 Price:     $1.95  Each                   In Stock

Nickle Plated Threaded          Price:     $2.25  Each                   In Stock

Gold Plated Threaded            Price:     $ Call  Each                      Call 


Un-plated ready for your Buffing & Plating



1/4" Hook Nuts



Non Threaded Nuts Available





Unplated                 Price:     $1.65  Each                         In Stock

Nickle Plated          Price:     $1.95  Each                          In Stock

Gold Plated            Price:     $ Call  Each                             Call



Brass 24 Notch Gibson Style Hoop with 5 String Neck Opening


One Piece Cast Design without a seam.


11.055" Inside Diameter 


The inside portion where it meets the head is beveled to match the contour of the banjo head for a perfect fit. No cut heads with these Hoops.


Un-plated/Un-Buffed  Price:    $95.00   Out of Stock


Nickel Plated Price:  $130.00   Out of Stock


Gold Plated Price:   "CALL"


Un-plated ready for your Buffing, Engraving & Plating



Un-Plated Gibson Style Pot Metal Tension Hoop 


Made from the same CNC Program as our Brass Hoops



Made from the same Prewar Alloy, Zamac 3


Replace the Hoop on your Prewar


Un-plated ready for your Buffing, Engraving & Plating


Un-Plated Price:                            $175.00  Each                      In Stock

Nickle Plated                                 $320.00  Each                       In Stock

Gold Plated                                   $ Call                                     "CALL"