American Made

Banjo Company

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Used, Blemished & Prewar



"Made in USA" Potmetal Flange


Unplated & Buffed on top



Has minor casting blemishes


Inside Diameter      10.715/10.920

Outside Diameter    13-3/16"


Item # 222135



Price:        $90.00




24 Notch Brass Tension Hoop Copper Plated


Ready for your Engraving & Plating



Inside Diameter   11.040




Price:    $75.00                                 3 In Stock



Unplated "Gibson USA" Flange


A rare find of a never installed flange 




Inside Diameter  10.794/10.92

Outside Diameter  13-3/16"


A must for your next build


Part # 476119


Price:   $290.00




Potmetal "Made in USA" Gibson Style Flange


Gold Plated over Copper


Has a couple of minor plating blemishes


Inside Diameter            10.750/10.933  

Outside Diameter          13-1/8"


Part #  20132


Price:       $185.00



11" Brass E2 Grooved Banjo Hoop


Inside Diameter 11.050


Year Unknown


Item # 611312




Price:         $45.00



Gibson Ball Bearing Tone Ring


Nickle Plated wit a great old looking patina


24 Springs

24 Ball Bearings

45 Washers




Price:       $350.00



11" Brass E2 Grooved Banjo Hoop


Inside Diameter 11.047 

Year Unknown


Item # 401127




Price:         $45.00



1930's TB-11 Banjo Resonator


Has some minor finish checking


Has some normal paint wear on sides


Sidewall Brackets not Included


The mystery is what's underneath the plastic :-o



Price:                $700.00



1930's Gibson Kalamazoo Flat Back Resonator


The lower end brand of Gibson made the Kalamazoo Banjo Line


Has Single Binding


A different sound from a flatback resonator as used on the Top Tension


Has normal scratches & wear expected on an 80yr old Resonator



Price:         $195.00 





1936 Gibson Banjo Armrest


In Very Good Shape


Nickle Plated






Price:                     $375.00